Monday, May 19, 2008

What's still there?

I wonder how these structures (see link to photo album below) in Chengdu, China have fared... Chengdu was one of our favorite cities and the earthquake that hit Sichuan province two weeks ago made us both really miss it.

Chengdu, China

Random Photo from Takayama, Japan

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Some B/W Photos I Took in NZ

I came across a few black and white photos I took in NZ while cleaning up my computer's hard drive. They're not very good because I don't really know how to take artsy photos, but I like them anyway. Enjoy...





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Buescher State Park

Two weekends ago, we went to Buescher State Park (about an hour east of Austin) which is part of the Lost Pines Woods. The cool thing about it was that there was hardly anybody out on the 8-mile hike, the weather was great, and there were actual hills involved (which is so rare here in Texas, my legs needed reminding of how to walk on a slope!). Enjoy the photos!

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