Friday, July 18, 2014

July Adventures

Oh my god, has it really been almost two and a half years since our last update? There have been many adventures in that time, but mostly one huge update... his name is Henry.

Anyway, let's pretend this blog has been updated on a regular basis. This month, we had a few fun adventures. These included Henry's 2nd time hiking in the Sierras (his 1st peak, Donner Summit at 7057 feet and his first few miles on the PCT), his first overnight in the Sierras (not camping... cabin-style), Henry's first time on a plane, everyone's first time to the tar-y beaches of Carpenteria, and Henry's first time in the Pacific Ocean. It was a blast.

Hopefully I'll have more adventures and photos to share here soon. In the meantime, hit the link for lots of pictures or see below for just a few.