Saturday, April 30, 2011

Briones Regional Park Hike

The rest of the pictures here

We used GPS tracker called "Move!Bike Computer" to log the data from our hike; you can view it using GoogleEarth. The batter on our phone only lasted long enough for the hike in (from parking lot to summit), so you can get an idea about where we went and the elevation changes. File here.

Briones is part of the East Bay Regional Parks system. This hike up Lafyette Ridge to a 1350ft. summit, which we took about 3 weeks ago now, was really excellent. Gorgeous day and a nice little climbing challenge over picturesque rolling CA hills with scattered oaks. We did 8 miles round trip and gained a total elevation of about 1000ft, but since the trail was so hilly (see GoogleEarth data above), it ended up being almost twice that. Some of the hills were literally 40% grades... yikes. I really regretted wearing jeans that day.