Monday, July 31, 2006

Test Posting 2

Yeah. test post #2

[In case you're wondering what the heck this is, I was setting up the "email in your posts" feature on blogspot. This way, when I'm in China and I can't get onto blogspot, at least I can email in some posts.]


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Here's our world-wide itinerary:

And a zoom-in of just the Asian nations we'll visit. I've highlighted ost of the major cities we'll go to. Enjoy!


Monday, July 17, 2006

Packing: What are we doing (part 2)

Is it really only 28 days away now? Where the heck is the time going?!

This last weekend, when it was crazy-hot down here in LA and everywhere else in the USA, J and I went through our stuff to see what it is we'll be bringing on our travels. What follows is a rough breakdown of what I've spent on new gear, specifically for this around-the-world adventure (all prices are in US dollars). For some context, see our previous post about what we're packing here.

Mike's Clothes

  • Fleece: 80 (Icebreaker)

  • Shirt: 30 (Northface)

  • Long shirt: 30 (REI)

  • Convertible Pants: 100

  • Pants: 50 (REI)

  • Unders: 45 (3 new, 1 owned)

  • Socks: 20 (2 new, 2 owned)

  • Shoes: 120 (Montrail)

  • Backpack: 225 (Gregory)

  • Sandals: 0 (Tevas, owned)

  • Shorts: 0 (Side-out, owned)

  • Jacket: 0 (London Fog, owned)

That's a total of ~$675. Now to be fair, I probably would have bought the backpack anyway, because J and I are campers, and we're getting into backpacking, so take off that huge one, and I've spent about $450 on new clothing. I think Justine has spent even more, because she had to buy a new jacket.

This doesn't yet take into account our gear or medicines, which consists of (for my part)

  • Water Filter: 75 (MSR)

  • Plastic canteens: 25 (Nalgene, 1)

  • Nalgene Bottle: 0 (owned)

  • Misc. First Aid: 100

  • Silk Sleep Sheet: 50 (See prev. post)

  • Innoculations: (Hep A/B, Tetnus, Dypth., Polio) 250

  • Malaria Meds: 100 (Malarone, 100 pills)

  • Travel Health Insurance: 450 (Through STA Travel)

And I'm surely leaving some things out of there, but that runs me up an additional $1050, but let me argue some of that price down. First, I'd have to pay for medical insurance of some kind, so let's say I only had to pay 200 for 8 months of care. Note also that the water filter, canteens, and first aid are for two of us, so let's cut that 75+100+25=200 in half. Also, you can't put a price on innoculations, can you? :)

Well, at least taking the first two reductions into consideration, that $1050 becomes only $750, which makes my running total $1200, and I haven't even left the country yet!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

RSS Feed / XML feed

For those interested, you can subscribe to our blog and make sure that updates come straight to you by using this link, or hitting this button

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If you don't know what RSS is (it stands for "real simple syndication"), you can read about it here. You can get an RSS feeder in tons of places, but for those with GMAIL, I recommend you use Google Reader. If you don't have a GMAIL account and would like one, just email me and I'll send an invite your way.

Which brings me to another good point: Both Justine and I use GMAIL, particularly the GCHAT program, which is a web-based instant-messaging (IM) program. That means you can talk in real-time with is over the internet without having to install any programs, because GCHAT works through your web browser. So if you want to chat with us online either before we leave or while we're away, hit me up and I'll send a GMAIL invite your way so you can start it up!