Saturday, August 15, 2009

Washington, DC (Part II)

See previous post below, but I decided to go back and photograph the monuments at night. Here's a few...

Sleepy lion outside the Corcoran Museum

The monument / temple to the five-dollar-bill guy

White thing and reflection pond

Inside the amazing temple to an amazing man...
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Washington, DC

Here's a couple of photos from my first day in Washington, DC. Some pretty amazing sights... enjoy!

Some guy named Andrew Jackson...

Eisenhower Executive Office Building

View of the White House from the south lawn/eclipse

The tallest stone structure in the world AND the tallest obelisk.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Methane Burp

From Nature:

While testing equipment off the Californian coast last month, a newly refitted research vessel stumbled across plumes of methane gas rising 1,400 metres from the sea floor.


Cruise scientist Stephen Hammond of the NOAA office in Newport, Oregon, suspects this is because ice with methane gas trapped in its crystal structure melts at the combination of pressure and temperature at that depth. Similar methane plumes have been discovered from the Oregon coast to the Black Sea, but not this large or numerous.

They don't specifically say if this methane is going into the air or if this is a global warming event (because the data is so new) but one thing people worry about with rising sea temps is the release of "methane-hydrates," which are huge pockets of methane stored in ice at the sea floor. One scenario envisions a catastrophic release (or "burp") of all that methane nearly-simultaneously that would destroy life as we know it. Think:

Except with methane instead of chlorine. And bigger.